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Use ByRef for the variables or return an array of values

dispose(): should release all the resources that it owns.
close():closing the application
exit():Exiting from the loop
end():stops the execution of the page/function/procedure

If a particular class is preceeded with the keyword MustInherit means ,

  • We cannot create an object to that particular class.
  • If we want to create an Abstract class in VB.net we use that keyword.
  • If a class is being a MustInherrit class we can use that class only when it is inherited.

When a variable is assigned with Option Explicit the variable must and should be declared .

Use Option Explicit to avoid incorrectly typing the name of an existing variable or to avoid confusion in code where the scope of the variable is not clear. If you do not use the Option Explicit statement, all undeclared variables are of Object type.

Usage : Option Explicit On

Thread Priority can be changed by using Threadname.Priority = <<set Here Predefined Value>>
In the sample provided look out for code where the second thread is ran with a high priority.

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