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Oracle Forms 4.0 Interview Questions

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  • Find_canvas
  • Get-Canvas_property
  • Get_view_property
  • Hide_View
  • Replace_content_view
  • Scroll_view
  • Set_canvas_property
  • Set_view_property
  • Show_view
  • Alert

To pass one or more parameters to a called form, the calling form must perform the following steps in a trigger or user named routine execute the create_parameter_list built-in function to programmatically. Create a parameter list to execute the add parameter built-in procedure to add one or more parameters list.
Execute the call_form, New_form or run_product built_in procedure and include the name or id of the parameter list to be passed to the called form. 

Get_group _row_count
System Variables 

A fetch from a long raw database column PL/Sql assignment to executing the read_image_file built_in procedure to get an image from the file system. 

  • Plain,
  • Check,
  • Radio,
  • Separator,
  • Magic

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