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To position windows server 2003 more competitively against other web servers, Microsoft has released a
stripped-down-yet-impressive edition of windows server 2003 designed specially for web services. the feature set and licensing allows customers easy deployment of web pages, web sites, web applications and web services.
Web Edition supports 2GB of RAM and a two-way symmetric multiprocessor(SMP). It provides unlimited anonymous web connections but only 10 inbound server message block(SMB) connections, which should be more than enough for content
publishing. The server cannot be an internet gateway, DHCP or fax server. Although you can remotely administer the server with Remote Desktop, the server can not be a terminal
server in the traditional sense. The server can belong to a domain, but cannot be a domain controller. The included version of the microsoft SQL server database Engine can support as many as 25 concurrent connections. 

Using ntdsutil.exe command,we can restored the AD objects. 

physical structure:
Forest, Site, Domain, DC

logical structure:
Schema partition, configuration partition, domain
partition and application partition 

Some third party software are available for this function or reinstall this system

To workout the total virtual memory (page file) required for windows XP you should take the amount of ram in the system and + 25% (512MB + 25% (128MB) = 640MB total virtual memory. by setting both the min and max to 640MB you can increase the performances of the operating system. 

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