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Mac OS Interview Questions

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Mac OS is a series of graphical user interface-based operating systems developed by Apple Inc. (formerly Apple Computer, Inc.) for their Macintosh line of computer systems. The Macintosh user experience is credited with popularizing the graphical user interface. The original form of what Apple would later name the "Mac OS" was the integral and unnamed system software first introduced in 1984 with the original Macintosh, usually referred to simply as the System software.

A Digital Subscriber Line is a popular medium for delivering high-speed Internet connections. Physically, it looks like a phone line. A DSL modem, normally provided by your Internet service provider (ISP), bridges this line to an RJ-45 Ethernet port like the one on your computer. You then connect your computer to the DSL modem using an Ethernet cable.

You have to go to options and then go to graphic options and click on the windowed mode. If it is lighted up it means it will be minimized. If it is minimized it means you can do anything you can usually do on your computer, but if for example you open safari it will pause the game. If it is not lit up it will be full screen and you wont be able to do anything else but aoe3. The graphics are better in full screen though

its not mac compatible.so u cann't work on mac


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