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Floppy Disk Drive Interview Questions

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If you are storing your work on a floppy disk and you are getting warnings that the disk is becoming full, it is time to delete some files from your data disk. Click File, Delete Files. In the Delete Files window, you will see the names and sizes of your files. Click the Delete Language Arts and Skillbuilding Files check box to delete all language arts and skillbuilding files, which are stored within the *.DRP files.

Windows will refuse to format a disk that some program (as 2xExplorer) have a lock on. A certain recipe for disaster therefore would be to be browsing the root "A:", and then hit <Bksp> to access "My Computer" folder where the floppy disk icon resides (bearing the Format context menu command), since 2xExplorer current directory would still be on the floppy (MyComputer is not a filesystem folder).

If the file is smaller than the free space available on the floppy disk you can put the drive letter and a colon before the filename you want to save when you enter the name to save the file under, i.e.. B:MYFILE.ASC saves the file to the B: drive. Be sure that the floppy disk was formatted before you try to save your drawing. See also Section: A000039: Use the ASCII file type made by DANCAD3D.COM's (tm) [F]iles [S]ave [A]SCII command from DANCAD3D.COM's (tm) main menu.

Sometimes differences in computer platforms or programs do matter. In general, to avoid problems, we recommend you save your files in a program such as Yahoo! Brief case where you can store and retrieve files remotely. You avoid the problems that happen when one computer does not recognize what another computer left on your floppy disk.

Follow the instructions that appear in the display. That will save a file by the name of "RES117.SYS" to your floppy disk. That's the system file. Your purchase of the contained products in this web site establishes a direct relationship with Midi Spot (on-line seller)

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