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Cryptography Interview Questions

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The science and art of manipulating messages in order to
make them secure is called cryptography......
types are
symmetric key cryptography and asymmetric key cryptography
1)symmetric key cryptography
same key is used for encryption and decryption
2)Asymmetric key:
public key is used for both encryption and decryption
eg:RSA Difere Hellman 

Forgot XP Password
The other day I got a call from a friend who had managed to
remember his administrator password to his Windows XP

My heart sank as I told him it is almost impossible to
access hi PC now as this was the only account on the
machine, and with no password Windows XP was not going to
let him in!

Forgotten XP Password...

As I stared at my mates computer and asked if he had ever
made a Password Reset Disc I already knew what he was going
to say...

This situation reminded me of asking many friends for their
latest data backup CD/DVD when their computer crashed and
need a rebuild - they NEVER have one!!!

...well a quick check on Google and I found a great service
that could just help my mate out.

This site provides a tool to recover lost Windows XP
passwords - YEAH!

It works very prefect to regain your password .Also use to
bootable CD/DVD or usb

There is a free service as well as a priority service that
will retrieve your passwords within minutes. The fee for
the priority service is very cheap, and is really just to
cover server costs. 

a fill - 1/20 per minute
b fill - 1/30 per minute
c can empty - 1/40 per minute

Suppose this take x minute

1 x +1x - 1x
--- -- ---- =1
20 30 40

Solve this x=17(approximately) 

If it's the Same Question:
Step 1. (0.1)/18-()/20
Step 2. (0.1)((1/18)-(1/20))
Step 3. 0.1 (10-9)/180 -----------> LCM of 18 & 20 = 180
Step 4. 0.1/180
Step 5. 1/1800 is the Answer
Approx = 0.000557

Yes we can. All the information will be stored in encrypted
form in memory. During fetching, it must be first decrypted
by operating system and then can be read.

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