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Following eight commands to repair Window XP by console command.

C: CD ..
C: ATTRIB -H C:root.ini
C: ATTRIB -S C:root.ini
C: ATRIB -R C:root.ini
C: del boot.ini
C: BOOTCFG /Rebuild

Hyper text transfer protocol. 

Core2 duo is better processor because it has L2-cahe which is inside the cpu & can handle multiple programs without slowing down the system & in dual core L1-cache is attached with the cpu which is not inside the cpu & has slower than core2duo. 

Motherboard is known as motherboard because in the world all borned creature is directly attached to her mother & after it all the relations creats due to her mother so in the same manner all the i/o devices (hardware devices) directly attached to the motherboard & all devices know the motherboard first of all in our Computer system & after it any hardware device can communicate to other hardware device.

A physical drive is drive tha you can physically see in the computer system itself. That is the gadget itself. Logic drive is inside the physical drive and this is the portion of the drive that stores data the user is using. To configure it you must update it on the BIOS. 

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